After structuring your account and starting to drive traffic to eBay, you should verify your payment information to be able get paid. In addition, we’d like to explain how credit is attributed to your traffic.



Verify Your Bank Account Settings

It’s important to log in and make sure your bank account information is accurate in your Bank Account Settings, since that is how we will pay you. This will also ensure that when we are ready to send your payment, there won’t be any delays.


Click on the three dots in the lower left corner of your account, select Settings, and then Bank Account. If you need to submit tax documents, click on ‘Balance’ on the top right corner of your account and choose ‘Tax Documents’.


Tracking Cookie Duration

Every user you send to eBay results in a cookie on their system that credits your link with their activity for 24 hours. That includes any qualified transactions they make within that time - they don't need to purchase the specific item you linked to. 


Keep in mind that eBay uses last-click methodology, which means the last affiliate link a user clicks before making a purchase is the one that gets the credit. So even if they are within your 24-hour cookie window, once they click another affiliate partner’s link, that partner will get credit for that purchase.



How Commissions Work

The amount you make as a partner depends on the category of the items your users buy, as well as the eBay site on which they buy them. You can earn anywhere from 1% to 6% of the sale price of the item. Read more on our Rate Card here


For example, you create an affiliate link to a Goodyear Wrangler 356 tire, and a user clicks on it and buys the tire within 24 hours. Here is how the numbers might break down:


Item Sale Price $117
Commission for Auto Parts and Accessories category 2.5%
Earnings (2.5% of item price) $2.93


Please note that not every item is eligible for commissions. Charity items, eBay gift cards, real estate, and a small number of daily deals in the US and Canada are not commissionable.