Get to know ePN by watching our Getting Started videos!

This section hosts a series of videos that will help you get started on your journey with ePN.


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Help Center

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Getting Started 

Watch this video to learn about our portal, user settings, tax documents, and the Network Agreement. The fun starts here!


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Getting Started

Withdrawal Settings

Tax Information



Getting Paid 

Watch this ePN video to learn about the rate card, earning commissions, and the payment process. Cha-ching! 


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Global Rate Card

Getting Paid

All About Payments



Know Your Earnings 

This ePN video will lead you through topics such as your earnings, balance, withdrawal history, and invoicing. You'll be an accountant before you even know it. 


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Understanding Balance Metrics

How do I know how much I'll be paid

How do I complete my payment withdrawal settings




Come one, come all! ePN provides a plethora of reports to help you optimize your business. Join us, won't you?


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All About ePN Reports

Transaction Detail Report


What Should I Promote?

Sales, events, coupons - what do these have in common? They can help you determine what you should promote. This video will also go over different page types and how to find trusted sellers. Watch, and be inspired!


Helpful Links:

How Do I use Sales + Events in my Campaigns?

eBay Coupons and Promotional Events

Understanding Page Types

How to Find a Trusted Seller


Do's & Dont's

Do watch this video and don't hesitate to contact ePN if you have any questions about ePN's policies, rules, and Code of Conduct. Enjoy!


Helpful Links:

Common Missteps to Avoid

Creative Gallery

Code of Conduct

Knowing The Rules



Wheel over the toolbox and pop open its lid. Learn about five common ePN tools that can help you create trackable links!


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All About ePN Tools

Link Generator

Smart Links Guide

Smart Placements Guide

Smart Share

eBay APIs


Campaigns and Links

Let's put it all together! Watch this ePN video to learn about creating campaigns. Get the details about Campaign IDs and Custom IDs as well.


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Custom ID

Creating Campaigns

Creating Links


Special Business Models

Do you know what a Special Business Model is? Watch this video to learn about them, their different types, and their application process.


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Network Agreement

Special Business Models

How To Apply For SBM